Palladio Concept creates turn-key solutions, harmonizing every single element of the environments that our clients want to project or renovate.
In addition to the surfaces’ production, the company supports architects and private clients to carry out the most ambitious projects with high-quality service and a hyper-customized approach.
We believe that materials should be used in the service of design and not vice-versa.

We believe in Freedom

We give freedom of designing and implementing visionary projects. Palladio Concept is committed to overcoming not only material challenges but also those related to structural or space obstacles.
To achieve this goal, we hired the best Italian artisans, capable of manufacturing every element of the project.

Our Research and Development lab

We invested in an in-house lab where all the materials are developed and tested.
The lab is key to keep up with the new technologies and to fulfill completely the expectations of our clients.
Innovative and sustainable solutions allow us to realize flooring, surfaces, furniture, and any element required in the project.
This leads to high quality and unique products.

Carpentry and joinery labs

With carpentry and joinery labs, Palladio Concept is equipped with workshops that allow the client to save time and energy.
The entire project can be realized in one place, without interacting with numerous contractors.



Finishes and surfaces atelier



Personalization is key because the architects and clients we work with need solutions customized in terms of shapes, colors, and touch.
The second aspect that Palladio Concept considers is finding a solution to all the challenges that an ambitious project may encounter.
From the reduction of weight loads to every request related to aesthetics, Palladio Concept is ready to propose the most suitable solutions to overcome even the most complex design challenges.

Turn-key service

Our company serves an international audience, managing every single phase of the project. This turn-key service leads to high satisfaction of our clients, who save time and energy.

Do you want to know more?


With a workshop of more than 1500 sqm and 20 years of experience, our joinery lab is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery (presses, edge banding, sizing, and painting machines). These facilities are great to produce custom-made furniture for retail, offices, and high-end residential solutions.

In this department, the traditional artisans’ know-how meets the support of technology, providing the top quality results that our clients ask for.


Our goal has always been to provide our clients with quick and high standard solutions.

The carpentry workshop can do that, thanks to two different labs:

  • The structural carpentry lab
  • The decorative carpentry lab

1500 sqm are dedicated to the structural carpentry lab with the production of stairs, mezzanines, and large or complex structures. Thanks to our highly qualified artisans, the workshop is fully equipped with waterjet cutting, calender, coating, and welding machines.

Other 1000 sqm are used by our skilled artisans who work and shape metal such as brass, steel, iron, bronze, and copper. Our artistic carpentry is competitive for the machinery used and we constantly invest in cutting-edge technology.

In the remaining 1200 sqm, the workshop dedicated to metalwork uses a laser, polishing, and folding machines.

Finishes and surfaces atelier

The most refined and demanding palates find their heaven in our 2000 sqm atelier, where endless possibilities of finishes can be selected.

The lab has been opened in 2015 because of our clients’ request to personalizing their projects with new materials. Here technical needs meet aesthetic challenges to provide unique solutions.

The R&D department designs new materials and guides the production processes. Synergies between development and production give concrete and quick answers to all the most complex requests. The results are unreplicable surfaces, flooring, or pieces of furniture.


We have an internal coating lab because we want to follow the process directly, reducing the production time.

Two coating centers with three application booths allow us to treat internally both metallic and wooden complements.

Starting from the easiest finishes to the more lucid and delicate paints, our artisans use their knowledge to fulfill the most challenging requests.

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