Palladio Concept creates hyper-customized furnishing accessories, ready to aesthetically impact your commercial and residential spaces. 

Each piece of furniture is developed ‘project by project’ starting from the design. The complete customization adapts to your design, aesthetic and functional needs. 

The Palladio Concept furnishing accessories include textiles, upholstery, and lighting for a luxury concept that translates every single detail of the design into reality.

Custom material development

In order to provide consistency across the project, Palladio Concept creates furnishing solutions with materials equal to or in line with the one chosen for the floors and walls.

Thanks to the company’s internal carpentry and joinery workshops, it is possible to create from scratch any type of accessories, which are covered with completely customizable finishes.

The benefits translate into the possibility of:

  • designing and manufacturing any type of furniture in the selected materials, from wood to metal;
  • using the same finish of the walls and floors to cover furniture. We tend to use products with different organic characteristics, but which guarantee an aesthetic result identical to the model;
  • inserting ambitious accessories in every residential and commercial space, thanks to the low thickness coatings that reduce weight and space problems;
  • creating complete settings from every point of view, relying on a single supplier;
  • limiting the logistical impact of each project as much as possible, because the furniture has weights comparable to those of ‘classic’ furniture, but the effect is similar to stone or concrete.

For example, imagine that you want to include an important concrete table in the project, a structure that is certainly impressive but which involves intense constructive, structural, and logistical challenges.

Thanks to the Palladio Concept solutions you can design and build the same table with lighter structures such as iron or wood, and then cover it with high-quality concrete effect coating.

In practical terms, the value of this choice is huge, because you will be able to eliminate any transport problems and more easily insert the table in the room that hosts it.

Complete furnishing solutions

Each piece of furniture can be made according to this logic, from tables to counters in residential projects, up to customized sections in commercial spaces.

Thanks to the partnership with the best Italian companies in the sector, we can also offer solutions for textiles, upholstery, accessories, and lighting systems.

And if what you want is to translate into reality a finish for furniture that has not yet been created, we invite you to book a visit to our showroom in Costabissara, Vicenza.

In this co-working space, you will be able to discover the infinite possibilities of our materials and create your personal covering in collaboration with our experts.


A Solution of intense aesthetic impact, ideal for refined concepts. Thanks to the low thickness finish, it is possible to recreate the material effect and the typical tones of concrete in every piece of furniture.


Hyper-customized lighting solutions, based on the most modern lighting technologies and created to enhance sections, furniture, and elements in the space with the best light.


We offer a complete service to set up each element and complement of showcases, allowing the brand to express its aesthetics and values ​​with great visual impact.


Solutions designed to measure to create an environment where you can feel free to move and where you can feel good working in it. Peace and concentration will increase the quality of work and hours spent in the office.

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